Methods Of Payment

Methods Of Payment

To facilitate and serve all those who wish to purchase from our online store, we provide the following ways of payment.

By Credit / Debit Card

By credit card Mastercard, Visa and Maestro issued by any bank through Piraeus Bank. The “sensitive” credit card details are not stored in our system, but are connected directly to the safe Piraeus Bank online system. Through the use of a credit card, you can shop with interest-free instalments. For purchases with a credit / debit card, you should follow the instructions below.

The does not collect or keep a record of credit card customers, ensuring 100% non-leak ‘sensitive credit card data’, in case of malicious attack (hacking etc.). In this way, we believe we provide the maximum safety to our customers.

Through Paypal

Through This way is open only to verified members of

Through Bank Deposit

Within 48 hours after confirming the request from the sales department and forwarding the e-mail to the customer.
Immediately after the deposit, please send us a copy of the bank payment order by FAX at 2310-552601 or via e-mail to launch your direct order.

EUROBANK: 0026-0191-04-0200547041 IBAN:GR3502601910000040200547041 BIC: ERBKGRAA

NATIONALBANK: 213/005386-48 IBAN: GR9201102130000021300538648 BIC: ETHNGAA

ALPHA BANK: 487-00-2330-001450 IBAN: GR2201404870487002330001450 BIC: CRBAGRAA

PIRAEUS BANK: 5223-091111-125 IBAN: GR6501722230005223091111125 BIC: PIRBGRAA